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What’s Normal?

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Gahhhhhhhhhhh!! 2018 is right around the corner…how is it possible that another year has passed? For me, 2017 may just be the fastest year yet…I feel like I can still remember what I had for dinner this time last year. With the new year fast approaching, I have many patients thinking about what the majority of us think – what’s their new year’s resolution? What are they going to do different this year that’s going to make a positive change? The more I hear this, the more I question why we find ourselves in this exact same spot, year after year. Maybe it’s more about continuing than starting, this year. I mean, we all think about how we could be healthier – whether it’s a specific concern, like lowering our cholesterol, to balancing hormones, to getting rid of headaches, or losing weight. And typically, we all start to make changes by doing our own research. But let’s be honest, how quickly does the inspiration wear off, and we just go back to what we consider as “normal”?

So what is normal? Well, let’s see….if you only poop once a day, that’s actually not normal. Having heartburn everytime you lay your head down – not normal. Period cramps and/or PMS? Not normal. Also not normal:

  • eczema
  • poor sleep initiation or maintenance
  • chronic loose poops
  • frequent headaches
  • chronic muscle tension
  • lingering depression or anxiety
  • abdominal bloating or excessive gassiness
  • unexplained joint pain
  • foggy thinking and/or poor memory
  • hot flashes
  • restless legs at night
  • an inability to deal with stress
  • researching what diet to try next because the previous 23 diets haven’t worked

Oh, I could go on and on. If you suffer from any of these, but it’s been so long that you now consider it part of your normal life, then maybe it’s time to do something. Just because you’ve had a certain symptom for days/month/years, does not make it ok to just tolerate it for one more day/month/year. What you need is a plan. A verifiable, tangible, educated plan. And a great Naturopath will do this for you. But let me tell you, while starting the plan is good, continuing the plan is what’s most important. Ask Dr. Google if you must, but know that she/he has many, many faults and untruths, if you will. I’d rather you rely on someone with a license to practice medicine. Like me.

So start 2018 with a visit to a Naturopath. We can help you outline some goals for your health and define your new normal. And together, we will formulate a plan that works for you. All you gotta do is stick to it.

On a personal note, I’m going to end 2017 just trying not to catch the wicked upper respiratory virus that has got a hold on 4 out of my 5 kids right now.

People. It’s almost 2018. Let’s do this.

Dr. D

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