The following is an important message from Collective Health Clinic and our response to the COVID-19 virus, as it pertains protocols and scheduling.

The Collective Health Clinic team has been closely monitoring the outbreak and continues to adjust as new information is known. Over the past two 24 hours the regulation boards that govern our professions have put out statements, which include the following consistencies:

-Limit contact to clients/patients with essential needs only and triage anyone entering the clinic.

-In-person visits can be requested over the phone with advanced screening to make sure they are appropriate cases.

-Practice through phone and/or video conference when possible through a secure server.

As such, the following measures have been put in place until April 6th. At that stage we will reassess, reschedule and inform you of any changes. Please read the following protocol of each practitioner to determine how we may still be able to help you. Together there is a way forward.

Peter Foster:

-Peter is ceasing in-clinic Osteopathic treatments at this time. Exceptions may be made for those experiencing extreme back or neck pain. These appointments will need to personally requested by calling the clinic.

-Live video conferencing appointments are available through a secure server called Physitrack. Through Physitrack, Peter is able to visually guide and monitor you through at home movements and exercises, which can be used for relief of some chronic or acute conditions, rehabilitation, strength or fitness. Consideration is taken to the equipment (or lack there of) you have available to you. This program allows Peter to create, continually update and advance your own individually tailored program. All video-consult appointments will be billed and invoiced as Osteopathic therapy. Please contact the clinic and Peter will move forward with you in this.
*Payments will be accepted over the phone with a credit card, or e-transfers

Dr. Danielle Marchildon ND:

-Dr. Danielle will be working through phone or video-consult appointments. You can still book online for her services, or call the clinic to book.
-In-person visits can be personally requested by calling the clinic or emailing her directly at and will require a strict screening protocol.
*Payments will be accepted over the phone with a credit card, e-transfers, or via direct billing.

Jordan Smith MSW:

-Will be available for counselling through phone and video-consult appointments. New and returning clients please email Jordan directly to book at
*Payments will be accepted over the phone with a credit card, or e-transfers.

Rocky Bains RMT:

-Rocky will not be seeing clients at this time.

Ainsley Wallace RMT:

-Ainsley will not be seeing clients at this time

Receipts will be emailed to you according to your email address used in our scheduling program. Let the practitioner know if you would like it sent to an alternative email address.

You are only able to online book with Dr. Danielle Marchildon ND, at this time. Normal online booking abilities will recommence once we regain full practicing rights through our governing bodies.

Clients with current appointments prior to April 6th will be noted and rescheduled as soon as possible. Appointments after April 6th will be reassessed at a later date.

We thank you for your patience throughout this unprecedented period and will keep you informed of any changes to our practice as they occur.

Lastly, please take care of yourself and others. We are all in this one together and must be considerate of each other in order to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Best health to you all,

Collective Health Clinic

Dr. Danielle Marchildon ND
Peter Foster OAOMP
Jordan Smith RSW
Kourtney Livingston RMT, AT, OAOMP
Rocky Bains RMT
Ainsley Wallace RMT