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Emily Maulucci, RHN

Emily is passionate about a personalized holistic approach to healthcare focusing on integrating the physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional, and spiritual components of your life. She practices with the belief that health and wellness is experienced when all aspects of the individual are balanced. She will spend time with you to understand your concerns and goals, restoring balance and optimizing health. Emily believes in being real and true to yourself. Through nutrition and coaching, you can start to feel confident about eating meals, meal planning, feeling physically energized and emotionally well. With a passion for cooking, she will educate you about the variety of amazing foods that exist and their healing qualities while developing personalized meal plans and other goal setting approaches that best suits you. In your first initial appointment you both will go over your intake form, confirm your goals and make the appropriate first set of goals.

Emily completed her RHN program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. She has also completed a Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University and a Social Service Worker diploma at George Brown College.

Emily addresses a variety of concerns.

Anti-Inflammatory approach to a variety of issues that can be identified throughout appointment, some include:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Skin conditions, irritations
  • Overall an anti-inflammatory lifestyle

Digestive Issues such as:

  • IBS (gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea)
  • Gut Dysbiosis
  • Food sensitivities

Hormonal Issues such as:

  • Hormonal Balance- Adrenal Fatigue, Anxiety
  • Managing PCOS, PMS
  • Blood sugar imbalances – Insulin Resistance