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Ain’t no Sunshine

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EEEEeeeeeeekkkkkkk….it’s raining out there. And we just ate a bunch of food we don’t normally eat (at least in those portions). We just had 3 days of no routine (I, for one, have no idea what day it is today). Our houses are disasters! Our kids are hopped up on sugar. Our husbands are lying on the couch with a man cold….

Before you freak out, remember that it’s the same every year. And you survive this, every year. You can do this. I’m going to tell you something that I tell my patients: nurture yourself. Nourish yourself. If you don’t know where to start, scan your body. Think about the basics: am I sleeping well? Do I poop with ease and predictability? Do I have heartburn? Am I eating healthy foods? Am I tolerating the foods I eat? How’s my state of mind? Am I anxious? Sad? Always worried? What about my stress response?

When we think about nurturing ourselves, we too often think of new shoes and a fine wine. And while those are great options, their effect is short term. I’m talking about doing the things that will have long term effects. The kind that makes you feel like you again. Makes you feel whole. Like every breath you take is a fresh one. You know what I’m sayin’?

And that is where I come in. I can give you the tools so that you can take care of your self. Truly take care of yourself. We start exactly where you are. How you are, when you step foot in my clinic. I vow to work alongside you, and go at the pace that you set. I won’t break up with you (professionally speaking) if you can’t stop smoking, or stop drinking coffee, or can’t overcome your addiction to Big Macs. Because the truth is, we all could use a Naturopathic Doctor on our side. Medicine is in a state of evolution. One that takes us away from reactionary and sends us straight to prevention – don’t get me wrong, Medical Doctors are and always will be life-saving. They are brilliant and their value to human life, as we know it, comes out on top. BUT, their education, their curriculum isn’t focused on preventative medicine.

So. What’s stopping you? Finances? Most ND’s offer a sliding scale. I know it pains me to think that someone can’t access my services because they can’t afford it. So ask! Is it scepticism?? Ohhhhhh…I love my sceptic patients. Please, allow me to debunk some myths for you. There are no witches here, nor potions. Seeing an ND does not automatically mean you can’t eat gluten, dairy, or sugar. Not everyone has candida, and you won’t leave my clinic with $400 worth of supplements. Promise.

So do it. Learn how to take care of yourself on a whole new level. We’re given one body. One chance at life. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Put the energy into your health now, and reap the benefits. Besides, you gotta check out our new clinic. It’s all kinds of awesome.

Yes, yes, yes. January 1st is in 3 days. New Year Resolution time. Personally, I’m in resolution mode every. Single. Day. Because today is the last day I eat that chocolate. And tomorrow is the first day of committing to a consistent sleep pattern. The problem is that I say that to myself every day. Harumph.

Lately, I’ve been watching my kids whip nae nae’ing, and I keep thinking to myself – I say “Self, why can’t my resolutions catch on like this wickedly painful dance?”

Now watch me Bop,

Dr. D

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