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Naturopath? Why would I see a Naturopath?

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Ah! The age old question – one I hear time and time again. But it’s ok. I get it. Naturopaths (further noted here as NDs) are outside of the box. And that’s ok. Because sometimes, what we need is outside of the box! I won’t bore you with the details involved with defining ND’s. You can find that on any Ontario ND’s website.

Here’s what seeing an ND, such as myself, does NOT automatically mean: anti-vaccination, detox, yeast/gluten/sugar/dairy free diet, a bajillion dollars worth of supplements, feeling judged based on current diet/lifestyle, potions, magic pills, etc., etc., etc. If you have had an experience with an ND and left feeling judged, overlooked, confused, and with a bill of $300 worth of supplements, then you’ve seen the wrong one.

So….why would you see an ND? The number one reason I wish we could all see one is due to the simple fact that we can better manage your overall healthcare. NDs have the time to sit with you, sort out your past medical history and your current health concerns – in addition to all the other great stuff we do, like find the root cause of your illness. We also have access to majority of lab tests – so instead of begging your family doc to run something on you, just ask an ND!

Some Ontario NDs, such as myself, have prescribing licenses, and in obtaining this, we received an extensive education on pharmaceuticals and how they are used therapeutically. This has given us the knowledge to better manage your current list of medications and deal with any side effects you may be having. (PS, this prescribing licences also gives us access to bio-identical hormones, but that’s for another blog post).

It’s 2017. Things are changing. We, as a human race, as a Canadian culture, are also changing. We are gaining so much awareness and are starting to crave more information, starting to empower ourselves and advocate for ourselves and our families. Adding an ND to your healthcare team follows the path we are taking; a great ND will do this. I can’t stress enough that seeing an ND isn’t about alternative care, it’s about adjunctive care. I want to work with your family doctor, not against them.

So do it. See an ND. The right fit won’t disappoint.

And I know, I’ve been out of the game of blogging for forever! I’m going to do my best to get back on the horse. Afterall, I have sooooooo much to share.

To end, like those of my past, I will give you a glimpse into my home life. I am now a proud (and raging) mother of FIVE!!! I have a 10 year old hockey fanatic, an 8 year budding actor/singer, a 7 year old who can run long distances and NEVER stop, a 4 year old who lies a lot (but actually believes her lies), and the sweetest 5 month old baby boy this world ever did see. Life is full. Full of lots of things, but mostly joy.

I’ll be back soon, have to go watch the 8 year old sing a Michael Jackson hit on stage.

It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white.

Dr. D

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