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As we are aware, there are all kinds of doctors out there. The medical doctor, the naturopathic doctor, the doctorate kind of doctor, the homeopathic doctor, the aforementioned witch doctor, the doctor of love, Dr. Who, etc. Today I am going to discuss the difference between a naturopathic doctor and a homeopathic doctor. Mostly because I am always confused with being a homeopath.

Homeopathy is an energetic modality. Much like acupuncture is. There are people who study homeopathy only and once they are done their schooling, are called homeopaths or homeopathic doctors. These people are well trained in this modality, however, they are unregulated and not considered primary care physicians. Therefore, their job is to treat symptoms. You don’t seek out a homeopath for a diagnosis or for supplement advice. You seek out the care of a homeopathic doctor for a homeopathic remedy alone that is specific to your symptoms.

Naturopathic doctors use homeopathy as one of their many modalities. It is a tool I have in my back pocket. So what is homeopathy?? GOOD question. Ha! Like I mentioned before, it is an energetic form of treatment. Meaning it works on an energetic plane in your body. Therefore, we can’t measure what it is doing in your body. There is no test to check for homeopathy in your blood levels. Improvement is virtually all subjective. This is why it has become the centre of controversy for several years now.

I remember sitting in my first homeopathy class, after having just signed an insanely huge tuition cheque over to my school, and looking around at my classmates, thinking “really??? really??? I am paying how much to listen to this??” My professor at the time was telling us this whacked out story about how her husband dosed himself with a sugar pill and she was so sensitive to it that it put her in kidney failure………ya. Right. So after we all readjusted our seating position, closed our gaping wide mouths, and stopped snickering, she informed us that in order to pass the course, we would all have to try it for ourselves and write a paper about it. Huh. That sucked. What I didn’t know was that this little known, yet highly controversial therapy was about to transform my life…..

So without going into so many details, I went to the clinic, had an intern do a homeopathic intake and in the end prescribed to me my constitutional remedy. There are basically two ways of prescribing a remedy. One is to prescribe a remedy based on acute symptoms, so for example, the flu, broken bone, chickenpox, shingles, etc. The second way is to prescrible constitutionally, meaning you take into consideration the person’s entire picture. Used more for chronic conditions like arthritis, auto-immune diseases, mental health issues, etc. The remedies themselves are made up of pretty much anything. From plant to mineral, to animal, to diseases. Now here is the “WTF?” catch. The remedies don’t actually contain any crude material of the source. They only contain the energy of the source. So for example, a common remedy is Arnica which is a plant, known more commonly as Wolf’s bane. If you were to test a homeopathic Arnica pill, you wouldn’t be able to find a trace of arnica in it. In fact, you would find that it is just a sugar pill. What’s crazy is that it is very effective at treating bumps and bruises, and traumas of any kind. Surgeries, car accidents, a fall down the stairs, etc. Arnica can help bring a bruise out quicker and make the tissues much more resilient. It can help a person cope better with an outright emotional trauma. It really does work.

Now my experience was a bit of mixed blessing. I was prescribed the rabies remedy. Yes, the rabies remedy. (Keep in mind here that the pills I take only contain the energy of the disease and not the actual disease, so you don’t need to fear my bite). Within the first 24 hours of taking the pill, I was projectile vomiting. Thinking of course that something was wrong, I contacted the supervisor who prescribed it and she was bloody ecstatic!! Ecstatic!!?!? She told me to ride it out and that it was cathartic. My body was getting toxic stuff out so that I could heal. And here I thought she was out of her mind. Until three weeks later, when a few speficic symptoms that I had been previously suffering from for years were gone. GONE! Just like that.

I could spend another five hours writing about homeopathy and explaining how it works. But you don’t need to know all of the details just now. But I will tell you this. I know it works because I have witnessed it first hand, and I have also witnessed its effectiveness on many of my patients. If it doesn’t work, it is simply the wrong remedy. It is safe to take for kids, no matter the age, and it doesn’t interact with pharmaceuticals, nor is it toxic. It is also very inexpensive and is used with only one intention, and that intention is to heal. So I ask of you to be open-minded when it comes to homeopathy. For some of us, it has been the “magic pill” we have been searching for….

And so I move on with my day, a couple of challenging patients ahead of me…..just my cup of tea. Bring it on I say, bring it on.

As for your lovely selves, enjoy this last week of summer before school starts. Scare the flu season off by eating lots of whole foods, washing your hands, and taking your probiotics. If in doubt, visit a naturopath.

Your homey, Dr. D.