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It’s that time of year again, when our clinic is busy with patients who are looking to fulfill their new year’s resolutions. Some want to lose weight, others just want to optimize their health and prevent disease. And some want to quit smoking. Actually, a lot of people want to quit smoking. Kudos, to all of you, for even conceiving of the idea. Wouldn’t it be nice if quitting were as easy as thinking about it?? Most people seeking out naturopathic services come to us because we can help using supplements and acupuncture. And those people are right! We can help with supplements (mostly herbal in nature) and acupuncture. Is there magic in those supplements and acupuncture needles that will do the work for you?? No……In order to quit smoking, you have to WANT to quit smoking. You have to grab hold of your addiction, and want to kick its butt. Quitting smoking will never work if you are quitting because you should quit. It’s no secret that the habit itself is deadly. Unless you’ve been living in a cave. We all know we shouldn’t smoke. But that’s not enough to drop the bad habit. There is no magic formula either. What worked for your partner/mom/best friend/sister’s boyfriend’s step mom’s dad may not work for you.

To start, try reading Allan Carr’s book “Easy Way to Quit Smoking” (I realize this suggestion may have become sorta cliché, but the book is seriously quite useful).Then, you just have to quit. Don’t buy the cigarettes. And just quit. That’s when I come into play. You come see me once you have quit. Be it one day smoke free, or 2 weeks…that’s when I can help. Acupuncture works well and it works well for a reason. When your body starts to withdraw and detoxify from smoking, acupuncture will help balance you and keep you feeling strong in mind and body. Herbal remedies like lemonbalm and chamomile will help you cope with stress and relax you that would have been remedied in the past by smoking. And lobelia helps to fill nicotinic receptors in your body to help squash cravings. Other modalities that have worked for people include hypnotherapy and laser.

There is one other method that works really, really well. When people get sick from smoking, like really sick. Like, cancer sick. They tend to quit smoking from the minute they get the diagnosis. Don’t allow that to happen to you. Feel empowered that at this moment, you have your free will and resources at your fingertips to help you overcome the addiction. I encourage you to use your good health to drive you through this. You can do it! And when you are ready to confront this terrible habit, you know where to find me….or any friendly neighborhood naturopath!

And now, on a totally unrelated topic, an anecdotal use of homeopathic arnica (the one I spoke about in my blog about a naturopathic first aid kit). So on Friday evening, I returned home with my brood in tow. Got the older three in the house successfully (more often than not, a war breaks out before the van door is even shut). I grabbed my 11 month old and the diaper bag from the van. As I went to step up my front step, my foot slipped and I can’t remember anything that happened after that. Just kidding. As my foot slipped, my baby went (in cannonball-like fashion) flying towards the front door. Where she landed using her face as padding. I picked her back up, and her mouth was full of blood and she had cuts along her jaw line. Of course, I was panicked. Blood was pouring out of her mouth, my older three were crying in despair because of all of the blood and I just felt so awful and so helpless. (I am sure it wasn’t that dramatic….but whatever). During this whole time, I was aware of a vague numbness in my right hand but was too distracted with my baby. Once the bleeding stopped (as she landed and judging by the teeth marks , she sunk her top four teeth into her tongue on impact), I was able to calm down and better assess the situation. Trauma. It was traumatic. So the first thing I did was dissolve 2 pellets of homeopathic arnica in her water and had her take a couple sips. Within 5 minutes, she was back to her old self, playing with blocks and eating socks. It was then that I started to feel the pain. The pain that was a broken middle finger that I am assuming is what caught my fall. And so between the trauma of catapulting my helpless baby towards the ground, and what appeared to be a suffering finger, I gave myself arnica. And within minutes, I started to feel better about the whole situation. My finger still hurt, but emotionally and mentally I felt much better. So there you have it!! A great application for arnica. Thankful I had it. I should note that I continued to give it to my baby the next day and for myself, well….I am still taking it…:)

It’s Monday. I hate Mondays. But not as much as Tuesdays.

Dr. D