Melanie Grime/ March 30, 2016/ Melanie Grime

Fat Tummy For Obese Concept

It’s the week after Easter and you have vowed to yourself that you are going to stay away from all those Easter eggs and bunnies, get back on track and be really ‘good’ this week when it comes to eating – things have to really change this time.

You had a smoothie for breakfast with lots of protein and healthy fats and by 10:00am you are on a roll, about to eat your mid-morning snack and then it happens… you get called into a meeting or things get crazy with the kids and you forget to have your apple and 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter on your desk. Hunger sets in but you don’t take much notice.

By 1:00pm you are starving, only having had your breakfast at 7:30am. It’s been five and a half hours since you’ve last eaten. You take one look at the salad you were so excited to eat, turn on your heels, and head for the nearest coffee shop or fast food joint. A salad isn’t going to cut it today… you are starving.

As the guilt sets in for skipping your salad and deviating from your diet you think to yourself, “If I had a little more will power I would have eaten my salad.”

Sound familiar?

Will power is no match for hormones and hormonal based food cravings. Yes, I did say that, will power is no match for hormones. You see, hormones help to regulate metabolism, blood sugar control, sleep, stress, cravings and your weight and if your hormones aren’t balanced then will power doesn’t stand a chance!

You have probably heard about the importance of balancing your hormones before, it’s a topic I discuss A LOT with my client. There are 5 hormones that can have a really BIG impact on your weight loss or gain:

  1. Insulin – fat storing hormone
  2. Cortisol – stress hormone & belly fat storing hormone!
  3. Leptin – this hormones tells you when you’re full
  4. Grehlin – stimulates hunger
  5. Estrogen – another hormone that is essential for achieving and maintaining fat loss

Once you understand just how powerful your hormones are you will be in a stronger position to keep them balanced so that they work for you instead of against you.

See, it’s not your fault. Hormone imbalances are to blame. When your hormones are out of whack you crave carbs or fatty foods. You feel hungry most of the time and never quite feel full and satisfied. You have a hard time sleeping because you are under stress, which perpetuates the problem further. When you are stuck in this cycle weight loss is next to impossible.

If you want to find out more about these hormones and what you can do to balance them, come to my Hormones & Weight Loss seminar next Wednesday 6th April at 7pm. The cost is $10 per person and it will be held at Collective Health Clinic 633206 Highway 10, Orangeville. (Click here for our website with directions ) Email me at to confirm your attendance as space is limited.