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Ice is back with my brand new invention….

Yes, Vanilla Ice’s hit song is what is going through my head right now as I try to creatively come up with a title for this blog post….so I thought, why not?

Anyhow, I did it!! I survived my perceived trauma of giving birth and am happy to be on the greener side! Back at work (minimally) and back in action (on all accounts). I have alot of scccchhhhttttuuufffffff to get get off my mind so be prepared for a rifling off of blog posts.

Today I am gonna talk (or type, rather) supplements. Let’s start off by defining supplements. Supplements are called supplements as they are meant to supply our bodies with stuff we can’t get from our diet. For some of us, that means using a vegetable-based powder as an excuse not to eat veggies (YIKES!!). For others, it means supplementing with something at a high enough dose to actually help correct or treat a pathology. Now, how do we know what supplements are good for our bodies or good for treating pathologies?? Well, we can watch a certain television show (think Dorothy and Toto) or we can google it…but we all know how I feel about googling away your health (and sanity). The problem is that television shows are speaking to a general audience and also – money really can talk. And google, well anyone can post ANYTHING they want about any disease. Scary, right? So let me just say this once. The best way to find out what supplements are most suited for you and your health is to visit a naturopathic doctor.

This is what we do. We evaluate your health (your entire health), decide what you can get out of your diet, what you can’t get out of your diet, what supplements you may need, what dose of supplement you need and whether or not it will interact with any medications you are taking. We are also well educated as far as what brand to get your hands on…yes, yes, just because it says B12 on the bottle, does not mean it’s the one for you. As a naturopath, I know what brands show good clinical efficacy, and which brands have good reseach behind their specific product. These are all important things. The BOGO sales are not important things.

On another note, and generally speaking, supplements are meant to serve a purpose. Meaning, there should be an end to your treatment once you have reached your optimum health. I never prescribe something with the thought that you are to be on them for the rest of your life. (However, there are 3 products that I actually would endorse as lifelong supplements just because they are so damn pro-health, its ridiculous, but you are going to have to seek me out to find out what they are ;)) Like most things in our North American surroundings, our bodies can learn to tolerate certain things and deem what has worked in the past as ineffective. Also, there is a whole other world out there filled with bacteria and viruses who are bloody-well smarter than us and that can actually change to defeat certain supplements which are thought to kill them off.

So I encourage you to stop settling for the generic. You deserve the best for your health. Naturopaths are out there. Go find one!

Still trying to work around the hour that we lost on the weekend,

Dr. D