Top 13 myths about seeking nat. Med. Treatment

Admin/ September 30, 2015/ Dr. Danielle

#1) Our preferred modality of treatment lies within the realm of magic potions: No, but I wish it did. David Copperfield still manages to screw with my mind. If only I had his techniques…..there is something to be said for the illusion of placebo. I’ll let you ponder that for awhile……For those of you who have sought out naturopathic treatment, especially from me, will know that my modalities include botanical medicine, orthomolecular medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, and nutrition. And the individualized treatments that are selected for you are based on clinical evidence. They aren’t thought up in some whimiscal, magical world. But like I said, it would be pretty cool to have the power of magic.

#2)Naturopaths are going to tell you to stop all of your medications. And will brainwash you into rejecting conventional medicine: No, but again, I wish. Just kidding. I, for one, am a firm believer and supporter of our health care system in Ontario. Medical doctors are exceptionally trained individuals and serve their purpose well with great demand. I also believe that pharmaceuticals do play an excellent role in helping to maintain health and in many cases, prolong our lives. My job comes into play when I have a patient who tells me that they would like my support while they come off of their medication. Or, perhaps they are having particular side effects from their medication that they would like me to help blunt. Or, they want additional support alongside their medication as an adjunctive treatment. That’s my job. I am not going to tell you to stop your medication. Or that your G.P. is a waste of time. That’s insane. They are great at what they do. And I am great at what I do. So let’s all work together. Capiche?

I probably should have prefaced this blog with some sort of disclaimer pointing specifically to the fact that I am speaking for myself and my own particular practice. So there. I said it. Onto the next…

#3) You will be required to eat all organic foods: Again, no. Why?? Because even I can’t manage to eat 100% organic. For several reasons. Financially. Accessibility. Necessity. Don’t get me wrong, there are a select number of foods that I recommend eating only organic in that their non-organic counterparts shouldn’t even be considered ingestible. And there are also specific symptoms and pathologies that I treat that require a larger focus on organic foods. But it’s certainly not the focus of every single treatment plan.

#4) If you see a Naturopath, they are only going to put you on a dairy-free, gluten-free, yeast-free diet. And that’s gonna suck: Why, yes. It does suck. Because it’s expensive and if you are used to eating a standard North American diet, you will feel like you are eating the diet of a martian. Again, there are certain cases in which a diet free from these particular foods is helpful, very helpful. But again, this is not a treatment I apply to all of my patients. For example, if you have a hypersensitivity to dairy, if you have been diagnosed with Celiac disease, or if you have a raging yeast infection, then yes, you will be required to eliminate certain foods from your diet. This is not to feed some sort of ego of mine, this is enforced to help you to heal and feel better; to treat and prevent the symptoms which you complain of.

#5) Speaking of yeast, if you see a naturopath, he/she is only going to tell you that you have Candida. Naturopaths chalk everything up to Candida: Bahahahahahahahaha….or as my friend Sharyn would relate to….that’s Bahamas. If I had a dime, or better yet, a twoonie for every new patient who walks into the clinic telling me that they have Candida, well….let’s just say I’d be driving a Toyota Minivan, not a Chrysler one. For those of you who do not know, Candida is another term for yeast. Except when people say the have Candida, they typically mean they have it systemically (throughout their entire body). We’re not just talking a little yeast infection here ladies, we’re talking entire body involvment. Does systemic Candida infections exist? Absolutely! Are they infecting our bodies at an alarming rate? No. Pretty sure this is not the case. The problem is that my patients are googling their symptoms or talk to a friend of a friend of a friend who also had itchy ears and voila! Self diagnosis: Candida. This is not to say that 100% of my self-diagnosed patients have been wrong. But they certainly have not all been right. So I spend more time as a naturopath, convincing my patients that they don’t, in fact, have Candida. An added note here would be that I see the same pattern of self-diagnosis when it comes to parasites. Try it. Google Candida and google parasites and read over the list of the symptoms. Guaranteed you are going to be tempted into thinking you have one of these. If you really wanna know, perhaps you should come see me 😉 .

#6) Drinking your own urine is a valid naturopathic treatment: Do I really need to provide an explanation here? Consider this myth debunked.

#7) Naturopaths are obsessed with your poop. So be prepared to discuss your excrement at length: I wouldn’t say it was an obsession as such….I just need to know the basics. Do you poop (my favourite question to ask)? How often? Is it easy to pass? Is there any blood or mucous in your stool? Have you ever recognized the profile of Jesus in the shape of your poop? No. I do not ask this. For more information, read my second most recent blog.

#8)Seeing a naturopath is too expensive:Initially, we all think that paying for our own health care is an insane way to spend our hard-earned money. Especially if you live in Ontario. I will refrain from delving into the politics of OHIP at this point (you’re welcome) and instead will encourage you to look into any paramedical benefits you or your partner may have available. Majority of benefits cover naturopathic services. And this will help cut the cost of the visits. Supplements, on the other hand, are not covered by any benefits. Which is why, for me, it is important to keep this in mind when formulating a treatment plan for any of my patients. The beginning stages of naturopathic treatment are always the biggest investment into your health, as visits to the naturopath are more frequent, and supplements may be a new expense for you. But for me, the goal is to get visits down to 4 times a year where we can reassess any health goals you may have and move forward with optimum and preventative health measures. The other thing to ask of any naturopath is whether or not they offer sliding scales. It burns me to the core to think that there are people out there who are suffering simply because they can’t afford to seek treatment.

#9) If you are looking for that magic pill, go see a naturopath: This comes typically in the form of some weight loss concern. But not always. Insomnia is another popular one that can be treated most easily through diet modifications. I do free 15 minute consultations for people who are interested in naturopathic medicine but don’t know what to expect. So we sit down, they tell me what they want treated and I give them my approach. At which point, they will either move forward with an appointment or never want to see me again. The ones who never want to see me again are very typically ones who want to lose weight. And when I tell them it will heavily involve and focus on diet and exercise, they look shocked that I would even suggest such a thing, and also look thoroughly disappointed that I didn’t just tell them to go purchase raspberry ketones and have a Big Mac for dinner. Naturopaths don’t do magic. We don’t have magic pills. We approach and treat health from a clinical and medical viewpoint and our top priority is to support and encourage your body to do the amazing work we know it can do by itself.

#10) Naturopaths prefer to look you in the “third” eye: No, no I do not. The tangible eyes you were born with will do just fine, thank you.

#11) You will be told that it’s your past life that is your biggest obstacle to cure: Ummmmmm….okkkkkaaaayyyyyyy….while the jury is still out on the whole reincarnation thing, I will just leave that to your psychic, if you so choose.

#12) Naturopaths smell like Patchouli oil: If I did, I would gag. As a matter of fact, majority of naturopathic clinics are scent free.

#13) Naturopaths can prescribe medical marijuana (I’ve touched a bit on this before): Or can we???? hhhmmmmmm?????

That’s it. That’s all my brain was able to output over the last half hour. I apologize for the delay in posting a blog. Hopefully I will get another one out before Ol’ Saint Nick comes to destroy the organization in my house.

Happy friday everyone!!!!!

Dr. D.

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