Beat it!!

Admin/ September 30, 2015/ Dr. Danielle

Contrary to my usual posts, today’s blog is going to focus on an astounding, awe-inspiring human being, my cousin, Kyle Miller. Some of you may be aware of Kyle and his current battle, but if not, let me learn you.

Kyle, a 31 year old Orangeville native, is battling a rare form of sarcoma bone cancer, for the second time. He was initially diagnosed back in 2003 after getting injured while playing for Cornell University’s field lacrosse team. It was the MRI that was given to diagnose the injury when they incidentally fell upon the cancer. It was found to be Osteosarcoma, a cancer best known for taking the life of Terry Fox. Kyle underwent chemotherapy and extensive surgery before going into remission. Two years post diagnosis, he was back on the lacrosse field, helping Cornell win their first of four ivy league championships. In addition, he played on the Canadian National lacrosse team in 2006 and brought home gold. Since then, he has retired from lacrosse and turned his focus to telling his story of adversity and triumph to schools, communities, and organizations around the country. Until a year ago last month, when his cancer returned. Over the past year, Kyle has undergone several chemotherapy drugs to try to reduce the size of his tumours. And while the tumours haven’t gotten bigger, they also haven’t shrunk. Leading him to his next treatment option, in Germany, called immunephresis. And while the treatment shows promise, the financial strain of it is overwhelming.

To help with his treatment costs, a fundraising draw, “the Beat It Draw” has been developed. The prizes are incredible! Grand prize being a 5 night trip for 2, including air and hotel to Hawaii. Additional prizes include an all inclusive trip to Punta Cana, a 50″ Samsung LED 3D tv, and a Whistler ski package including air and hotel among others. Tickets are $100 each or 3 for $250. So I ask of you, if you like trips or tv’s or skiing or just like being downright charitable then please purchase a ticket. They are available online at The draw date is January 18th, 2013.

You may also notice around town small donation boxes at different businesses for Kyle. So if $100 isn’t in your budget, perhaps you would be willing to donate the change in your pocket. Every little bit counts!

Living in Orangeville, I have already seen our great community come together for Kyle and help him in this battle. In fact, there have been several communities all over North America showing their support. And if you have ever had the pleasure of being in his presence, you will know why. If you have any questions, you can send an email to For more information about Kyle and his battle, also to read his blog, visit his website

Kyle has so many more stories to tell, so please help and join the fight to make sure he’s able to do this!

Cancer is a b$&#%. Beat it.

Dr. D.

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