Top 3 Diet Trends: Which One is Right for You?

Danielle Marchildon/ February 28, 2018/ Dr. Danielle

Awareness, education, empowerment, advocacy, declining health statistics, and social media are the main contributing factors to the changes I see in my practice when it comes to perspective on food. We are certainly seeing a shift going on regarding what we put in our mouth and how it affects our physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. And I say Kudos to you!

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What’s Normal????

Danielle Marchildon/ December 27, 2017/ Dr. Danielle

Gahhhhhhhhhhh!! 2018 is right around the corner…how is it possible that another year has passed? For me, 2017 may just be the fastest year yet…I feel like I can still remember what I had for dinner this time last year. With the new year fast approaching, I have many patients thinking about what the majority of us think – what’s their new

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Dr. Danielle’s Top 5 Lab Tests for Weight Loss

Danielle Marchildon/ June 26, 2017/ Dr. Danielle

Wait – what? Lab tests? For weight loss? Yesssssssss!!!! Weight loss is not as simple as calories in, calories out. Often times, there are physiological imbalances going on that are signalling your body to either create more fat cells or hang onto every single one you have, despite eating like a rabbit and working your butt off at the gym.

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Naturopath? Why would I see a Naturopath?

Danielle Marchildon/ June 12, 2017/ Dr. Danielle

Ah! The age old question – one I hear time and time again. But it’s ok. I get it. Naturopaths (further noted here as NDs) are outside of the box. And that’s ok. Because sometimes, what we need is outside of the box! I won’t bore you with the details involved with defining ND’s. You can find that on any

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Just Keep Swimming

Danielle Marchildon/ June 9, 2016/ Dr. Danielle

If you’ve ever Googled “Alternative treatment for ___” or “Natural treatment for ___” then this blog post is important for you to read. You are very likely googling for other options on how to treat something because you either –  1) don’t like pharmaceutical drugs, 2) you’ve tried pharmaceutical drugs but they aren’t helping, or 3) you don’t have access

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Ain’t no Sunshine

Danielle Marchildon/ December 29, 2015/ Dr. Danielle

EEEEeeeeeeekkkkkkk….it’s raining out there. And we just ate a bunch of food we don’t normally eat (at least in those portions). We just had 3 days of no routine (I, for one, have no idea what day it is today). Our houses are disasters! Our kids are hopped up on sugar. Our husbands are lying on the couch with a

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Field of Dreams

Danielle Marchildon/ November 18, 2015/ Dr. Danielle

If you build it, they will come….and they are – phew!!! After months of talking, and dreaming, and preparing, and worrying, and stressing, we did it. We opened up our own clinic. And it’s awesome. And fun. Now we are laughing, and smiling, and dancing (despite the fact that some of us shouldn’t dance-at least in front of other people).

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