5 Fattening Lies You Have Been Told

Admin/ November 6, 2015/ Dr. Danielle

There is no shortage of health and weight loss claims. We are being bombarded by clever marketing from food companies who manipulate the truth so much so that even nutritionists are having a hard time figuring it all out.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with 4 years of expertise in whole foods, digestion and weight loss I’m blowing the whistle on the ridiculous claims that even educated nutritionists and health professionals are starting to believe.

A bit of a warning here… revealing the 5 fattening lies your nutritionist has been telling you is quite controversial and goes against the weight loss and food trends that are dominating grocery store marketing right now.

# 1 Lie: Skipping breakfast will promote faster fat loss

Yes, intermittent fasting is all the rage right now. It assumes that an individual is hormonally balanced enough with stable blood sugars to endure a day long fast.

When we sleep our bodies run through a detoxification cycle and require certain vitamins and minerals to finish off the cleanse properly. It’s important for this detox phase to be in a fasted state and to break-the-fast with amino acids (protein), fat and vegetables.

If you skip breakfast and fast without taking care that your blood sugar levels are balanced you will experience a crash and crave carbs like never before. When you indulge because you are having a physiological response, no amount of will power will save you.

# 2 Lie: Gluten-free is better for you

I’m not denying that we should be avoiding wheat and wheat based products. Wheat raises blood sugar levels higher than stable sugar. The popular American staple contains inflammatory properties and a protein called gliadin, which is linked to multiple diseases, symptoms and weight gain.

There’s a catch though… gluten-free products are typically processed and devoid of fiber. Potato starch, tapioca starch, rice and corn are all known GMO foods and they raise blood sugar levels because they are pulverized and processed just like wheat.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that just because you remove the gluten means that you will magically shed pounds. Gluten free cereals, breads, cookies, crackers and baked goods are just as horrible for you as the white and wheat ones are.

 # 3 Lie: Juicing is a cure-all

It seems like everyone and their mom are juicing these days. There is a big difference between juicing for health and drinking homemade juice. Juicing for health involves combining specific vegetables together that have vitamins and minerals that are co-factors of each. This is necessary to maximize the nutrient density and absorption rates. Check out this post from Kris Carr that includes an infographic on her Green Juice formula, this is what I use as the guidelines for the juices I regularly make. http://kriscarr.com/blog-video/my-green-juice-toolkit-video-recipe-infographic-faqs/

Juicing fruits alone is never a good idea. Would you ever eat 1 orange, 1 apple and 4 strawberries at one time? I don’t think so!

# 4 Lie: Calories don’t matter

This one gets me every time. I love it when nutrition experts say calories don’t matter. Of course they do… calories provide our bodies with energy and there are endless amounts of research that demonstrates that when we consume too much food (calories), regardless of what it is, we gain weight.

We also know that when we exercise intensely and don’t consume enough calories to nourish muscle recovery we experience muscle wasting.

Although calories don’t tell the whole story, calorie quality is equally if not more important than daily caloric amounts, but we should NOT be ignoring calories. When you combine calorie quality with caloric amounts you have a winning weight loss combination.

# 5 Lie: You must follow unrealistic, unattainable nutrition rules

Let me tell you a secret… lean in close and listen carefully. The only type of diet that will ever work for you long-term is a diet you will enjoy and actually follow. It doesn’t do you any good to follow your best friend’s diet or to take supplements that your co-worker recommended.

If you are unhappy with your body, don’t feel as good as you know you can and are worried about the results from your next physical then my advice is to start with just 1 change.

I have helped a number of people shed fat and restore their health through food. They have gained back control of their health and life and have been able to maintain their weight long-term.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that overhauling your entire diet and lifestyle and making drastic changes that you know you won’t stick with will work. We both know they won’t.

Start with making 1 change and then add another and then another until BAM… you get the body and the health you deserve.

Sometimes it can be helpful to have the assistance of a knowledgeable Nutritionist to guide you through the process of reaching your go als. It’s also helpful to have someone help keep you accountable on your journey and help you get back on track when needed. Let me help you reach your goals!

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