Vegetables: Fresh vs Frozen

Melanie Grime/ January 29, 2016/ Dr. Danielle

One of the big topics in my office lately has been the price of cauliflower – $8.99 or more in most stores. Yes, I believe in eating 7-10 fruits and vegetables but I’m in the same boat as most of you, I am on a budget and $8.99 for one head of cauliflower doesn’t quite fit in. This doesn’t mean

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Are You Eating For Illness or Wellness?

Melanie Grime/ January 11, 2016/ Dr. Danielle

We have all heard the phrases ‘You are what you eat?’ ‘Don’t eat less, eat right’ just to quote a couple but have you ever really sat down and thought about whether you are eating for illness and wellness? Today, there are many common dietary and lifestyle habits that over time can lead to illness. It may be the overuse

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