admin/ September 30, 2015/ Dr. Danielle

My inspiration for today’s blog came from my 5 year olds rendition of “There’s a whole in the bucket”…you know….”dear Liza, dear Liza”….what I didn’t know is that the song, in its entirety, has about 30 verses, and it all circles back to the hole in the bucket! Genius, really. But beside the point. The song made me think about the vicious cycles I see in clinic on a daily basis – my patients who suffer from a set of symptoms that, somehow or other, are all related. And in that instant, I was reminded how grateful I am for Naturopathic medicine. And it made me want to spread the love! So, listed below are some pretty great reasons to see a Naturopath.

  • Your family doctor, or specialist, has told you that your condition is something that you just have to live with. Ahem, see a Naturopath.
  • When you realize that the pills you take aren’t actually solving the problem, they are just band-aiding or suppressing it. See a Naturopath.
  • If all of your tests (e.g. bloodwork, x-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI, endoscope and the ever-so-fun colonoscope) come back normal, yet you still feel like something is wrong – see a Naturopath.
  • If you don’t poop on a very regular basis, see a Naturopath.
  • If you take over  5 supplements a day, see a Naturopath.
  • If you find Google to be a better resource for info regarding your health over your family doc, see a Naturopath. Wait, better yet, if you trust your Google internet research, and view it as truth, see a Naturopath.
  • If you are aware of the connection between what you eat and your health, then consider yourself part of team Naturopath, and go see one.
  • In Canada, we aren’t used to having to pay for healthcare (thank goodness!!). So it is hard to even consider putting your hard-earned bucks towards seeing a Naturopath. But I urge you to consider it being a very worthy investment. And, if you have benefits for Naturopathic medicine, then use them! See a Naturopath!
  • You want to visit a doctor who has the time to listen, really listen to you and what’s going on with your health. See a Naturopath.
  • You are inspired by, yet very, very confused and overwhelmed with all of the latest health trends, and don’t know where to start? Ya, see a Naturopath.
  • If you would like to focus your healthcare on preventative medicine to protect you from things that have a strong family history, or if you just want to be as healthy as you can possibly be, see a Naturopath.
  • If there’s a hole in your bucket that needs fixing, then yes, see a Naturopath 😉

Due to the increasing numbers of Canadians seeking Naturopathic medical services, a lot of exciting changes are happening to our profession. Including the transition from a regulating Board to a College of Naturopathic Physicians, H.S.T. exemption, and prescribing rights (which I own an entire blog post to…coming in near future). In fact, the Naturopathic profession took centre stage last week when the Globe and Mail included an entire article on the front page regarding our increasing popularity within our healthcare system. Yes, it comes with some backlash from the Allopathic community, but it’s nothing we can’t handle :).

On a mildly unrelated topic, I had my son at his 6 year check up this morning with our family doc (insert gasp here). Yes, my family is under the care of a family doctor. And if I have lead you down a path where this surprises you, then I apologize for misleading you. I value our family doc and will continue to. She has helped us in times of more severe acute illness and ensuring that my kids have a good relationship with her is important to me. So they go at least once a year so that they know her and are familiar with the poking and prodding. Anyhow, my son decided this morning, while there, that he would like to be a doctor when he grows up. But not just any doctor. A needle doctor. So he can inject zombie blood into all of his patients. Nice. A parent can only dream…

Hoping dear Liza and dear Henry can work out their differences soon,

Dr. D