admin/ September 30, 2015/ Dr. Danielle

Have you ever experienced this? When someone takes so many vitamins, that their pores actually emit the smell?? I have had a few people in my office who have this special, special characteristic. And to them I say Bravo. Followed by a lecture on why taking 36 capsules a day is not a good idea. While I am impressed that they have taken their health to such heights, I am also a little appalled at how poorly mislead they are.

Reasons for someone to take ALOT of vitamins? This includes but not limited to 1) a health store employee, taking advantage of the discounts while trying every new product that comes out. 2) A Googler. You know who you are. 3) Gullibility. The ability to believe everything you read or hear.  3b) Loyal Dr. Oz fans. 4) Someone who doesn’t follow up with their Naturopathic doctor when they should, leading them to take everything they have ever been prescribed.

Let’s talk about some common supplements that have trended over the past few years:

  • Vitamin D. Actually, that should be Vitamin D3. So check your labels. What is D3 good for? Preventing cancer, inflammation, treating viruses, treating some skin conditions, and can elevate your mood.
  • Probiotics. It is completely outside the scope of a blog to fully explain the benefits of probiotics. Gut health, immune health, emotional health. I bow down to the force that is probiotics.
  • Fish oil. One of my personal faves. Protects your heart health, emotional health, skin issues, eye problems, cognitive processes.
  • Multi-vitamins. Do we have to discuss this? Just eat a whole foods diet. Please. (Assuming you are a healthy person with no digestive concerns nor a fetus growing in your uterus).
  • Digestive Enzymes. NOT one of my personal faves. Mostly because people tend to become rather addicted to them and find that they can no longer digest a meal without them. Big problem.
  • Multi B vitamins. Again, to list each B vitamin and its benefits are beyond the scope of my blog. BUT, it is a great future topic for said blog.
  • Vitamin B12. Not well absorbed in gut. Which is why if you are taking a B12, make sure it’s either sublingual (dissolves under tongue) or an injection. B12 deficiency can cause an array of symptoms like fatigue, constipation, nerve problems, depression, confusion, poor memory, or soreness in mouth or tongue.

Are all of these necessary for you? Maybe. Is it likely? No. Does it even matter? Yes, especially if you don’t wanna smell like a vitamin. Aside from the hit your finances must be taking on a monthly basis buying all the supplements. Seek naturopathic medical treatment. Focus your healing and treat things as they come in a safe, effective manner. Naturopaths are trained to do exactly that.

Some important take-home messages.  #1) Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. ANYONE can post ANYTHING. My 83 year old grandfather could possibly be the author of your “go-to website” for all things health. And this, my friends, would not be a good thing. (I love you Pere). #2) What worked for your best friend’s insomnia, or hot flashes, or eczema will likely not work for you. Everyone’s health concerns have different root causes, making individualized treatment an absolute must. #3) It’s not a good idea to depend on health store employees to decide your treatment protocol for any given health concern.  While they (hopefully) are well-versed in different products and what they do, they by no means know the whole picture. And this can be dangerous. Supplements, like pharmaceuticals, can interact with each other and can also be contra-indicated in some pathologies. So buyer beware. #4) Recall my blog about how all supplements are not created equal. Brand does matter. As does dose. And #5) Never attempt to heal all of your concerns at once as it can cause what I like to call a “healing catharsis”. Too much is brought to the surface too quickly and you fall apart. And in most cases, your symptoms are all related. So why overwhelm your body with several different treatments if only a couple are actually necessary?

T’is the season to love thy loved ones. Bah, humbug. Valentine’s Day is for suckers. LOVE THYSELF!!

Dr. D