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Now that the cat’s out of the bag and everyone knows I am pregnant with my fourth child…and now that I have given everyone about a week to freak out and ask me if I’m crazy (?!?!!?), I have decided that it would be appropriate to write about pregnancy. And for those of you wondering, I prefer to think of myself as brave and empowered more so than crazy. But, whatever. Harrrumph.

So things I wish somebody, anybody had told me prior to getting pregnant and giving birth for the first time:

#1: That morning sickness could last all day, not just in the morning.

#2: That morning sickness could last all 9 months, not just the first 3 months.

#3: That effectively treating morning sickness is a lot like playing a successful game of darts smack dab in the middle of a tornado.

#4: The uterus pains! Oh the growing uterus pains.

#5: I knew breastfeeding was going to be challenging, but I didn’t know how bad it was actually going to hurt.

#6: When your milk comes in. ‘Nuff said.

#7: The after-pains/uterine contractions after giving birth. What the hell????

And lastly,

#8: Holy shit. Castor oil. Literally.

So now that I have done this three times and am embarking on my fourth now, here is what I have learned.

Morning sickness can ruin lives. It can hospitalize you. It can make the most delicious meals look like puke on a plate. It can starve you. It can hunt you down and take you out with one fowl swoop. The good news is that a modified Meyer’s cocktail (essentially a mixture of select high-dose vitamins and minerals), given intravenously, can work wonders. As can the right brand of vitamin B6 and the right brand of ginger. Unless of course the smell and taste of ginger only brings on more nausea from overusing it the first time you were pregnant. Ya, that’s me. There is always Diclectin, too, which is mostly high-grade vitamin B6, but it’s effectiveness can be very limited. I find eating very frequently helpful. And very frequently. Like every 20 minutes. Not realistic but if you’re home because you can’t stand up for more than 30 seconds without vomitting, then it’s more do-able. And eat whole foods. Veggies galore. Nothing with a lot of flavour or a high-chewing factor.

Breastfeeding remains challenging, but at least by now, I know how my body processes the entire dynamic. No two moms’ experiences are the same with breastfeeding. So you can read all the books you want, but still feel like a failure at the end of the day. All I know is that warm compresses and hot showers do wonders when the milk comes in. Also, despite it’s acquired taste characteristic, a pint of Guinness on tap increases my milk supply within 24 hours. And no matter how frustrating things get, my best piece of advice is to remember to laugh. My baby daddy is quite possibly one of the funniest people I know….so I look to him to help lighten my mood and allow me to regain focus.

The after birth pains really do get worse after each pregnancy…huh. Go figure. I remember after giving birth to my oldest and feeding him for the first time in the hospital and feeling the pain set in….I thought something was wrong….so I buzz for the nurse who calmly tells me its normal and that I should be thankful it was just my first. Because after each birth, it becomes harder for the uterus to contract down to size. And holy hell. She was right. So I just can’t wait for this fourth one….yikes!!! The good thing is that I have an arsenal of homeopathics that really, really help decrease the pain of these.

And lastly, I have learned that castor oil, while it certainly gets smooth muscle contractions going, is not the best idea for me. My midwife suggested I drink it for my last pregnancy. It was like motor oil mixed with snot going down my throat. Derek (my partner) is beside me cheering me on to swallow it, only to have him start to gag at just the thought of doing what I was doing. Not. Helpful. Also spending the next four hours on the toilet while having labour contractions…Not. Helpful.

So there you have it. My career in the sowing of my seeds. As it stands for now….

And just because she wants to appear in my blog, I am going to type my cousin’s name. So here you have it: Carey Allen. If you live in my area, and are in need of a lawyer (for real estate and will sorts of things, not drug possession and murder kinds of things) she’s great! (Is that good enough Carey???)

Wishing you all the best on this fine wednesday afternoon, Dr. D.