admin/ September 30, 2015/ Dr. Danielle

Ok, so now that we have established that my chosen profession is a naturopathic doctor, and we have also established what that means, let’s expand this and apply all of it to real life. Yes, let’s talk real life. I am a very proud mother of 3 beautiful children (by the year 2013, make that FOUR beautiful children) and my partner (who also happens to be their father) is a very hard working individual. Life is busy. No – life is chaotic…at best. The toughest thing about this is that I find it very difficult to transfer all of my knowledge and knowing what is best for our family into real life. I am constantly an advocate for my children’s health and am always consciously trying to build proper eating habits and lifestyle choices within them. The trouble is, I just don’t have enough bloody time. There are certain things that have slipped beyond my control. And to tell you the truth, I am ok with that. My patients are always surprised to hear that my kids have eaten McDonalds. My parents love to take my kids to McDonald’s as a special treat. And damn right. It is a rite of passage for any kid growing up in North America, however poor a passage that may be. They don’t eat it frequently. But on special occasions they do get it. And the biggest reason I am ok with this is because if you ask my kids what their favourite food is, they will all tell you broccoli. BROCCOLI!! I know, crazy right?? This fact allows me to sleep at night….just knowing that even upon exposure to the most evil food our world has to offer, my kids still prefer broccoli. We (I say we because I have thoroughly trained my partner) also feel content in that our children are conscious about what they ingest; they know what foods are to be eaten minimally or not at all because they aren’t healthy. They are constantly asking about what is in certain foods that is good for them. They are aware of how they are feeling and they strive to spend most of their day being physical as that is how they stay healthy. They are curious about being healthy! Are my kids the perfect byproduct of a naturopath? Hell no. We simply do what is best for our family and our needs. And although life is chaotic, I wouldn’t change a damn thing.

As any parent knows, it’s hard to sort through what’s good for our kids and what’s not. So where we do we look to clear the confusion?? The intenet!! We google this stuff. Only to find ourselves further confused than when we started. The best pieces of advice I can give you is 1)see a naturopath 😉 and 2) listen to your instincts and do what best fits you and your family.

A current health trend is whether to eat organic or not. Again, googling this stuff will either convince you to eat ONLY organic or will lead you into thinking it’s all a conspiracy. And so here is what I suggest. Eating all organic isn’t always financially feasible for alot of families. So take a look at the “Dirty Dozen” (this, you actually can google and feel comfortable with) and pick the top 3-5 of these that your family consumes the most of. And only buy these organic. While you are at it, look up “Clean Fifteen” and buy these foods non-organic with confidence. And just always try to eat whole foods. And by that I mean whole foods, not partial foods or almost-foods or processed foods.

With that, I believe it’s time to stop blathering and start treating patients. Have an incredibly amazing day. Embrace the rain by buying yourself a fantastically stylish raincoat and umbrella.

Peace out, Dr. D.