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We all know one, don’t we? The kind of person who is really clumsy, falling into things, dropping things or even repeatedly putting their foot in their mouth??

Ya, I’ve got one. In the form of a 3 year old. It’s these kind of humans that would benefit from a helmet on their head 24/7. With a nice tight chin strap to keep their mouth closed….that way, she wouldn’t tell her Granda that he forgot to shave his nose. Or she wouldn’t ask her Poppa about his (*whisper*) private parts. But seeing as helmets have yet to hit the fashion runways, why don’t we talk about how we can deal with the bumps and bruises a clumsy person may get. A Naturopathic First Aid kit, if you will.

Just like any standard first aid kit, bandaids are a must. They make everything better. A child gets a very minor scrape, with or without blood, they are screaming, tears are flowing; you stick a bandaid on and the child gets better immediately. Works like magic! Well, actually, it’s not magic, it’s more of a comfort thing. A child (let’s be honest, even adults) feel better when we are treated in some way. Whether it’s a bandaid, a hug, a good open conversation, medicine, or ice, they have the ability to calm our spirit and sometimes, start to heal whatever it was that got hurt. So what about more serious bumps and bruises? Get your pen and paper ready (or just print screen; depends on your technological ability).

  1. Arnica – a plant. Can be used in cream/gel form or in homeopathic pellet form. Excellent for any kind of trauma. Bumps, bruises, surgeries, car accidents, broken bones…
  2. Calendula –another plant. Used topically in a salve form. Excellent for a baby’s bum! Also soothing for skin irriations. It is anti-inflammatory, astringent, anti-viral, and anti-fungal and it inhibits bleeding.
  3. Tea Tree Oil (do not ingest) – a plant (sorry for redundancy). Wash a wound with one part tea tree oil–a natural antiseptic–in 10 parts water. For an insect repellent, fill a spray bottle with three ounces water, one ounce witch hazel or aloe vera juice, and 24 drops tea tree oil. Tea tree oil can also be applied to insect bites to stop the itching.
  4. Chamomile (one of my personal faves) – This herb is an anti-inflammatory as well as a digestive aid. For diaper rash or other rashes, soak the affected area with a washcloth dipped in cool chamomile tea (also great for teething, freeze washcloth and give to baby), or add chamomile tea to bath water. Can also be used homeopathically to calm and soothe or for digestive upsets.
  5. Hypericum – Homeopathically used for any trauma in which a nerve is involved. Great for trips to the dentist. Dissolve pellets in water and give to child before going to dentist. Also used afterwards to help healing.
  6. Rescue Remedy – This Bach Flower remedy can be given internally to ease feelings of shock or panic following a trauma, or to help with feelings of anxiety, nervousness, etc. Available in a spray form, a lozenge, or a gum which are easiest for children.
  7. Warming socks – Directions: Before putting your child to bed, take one pair of cotton socks and soak in cold water. Ring out the socks as best you can and put them on your child’s feet. Cover them with a pair of wool socks.  A very effective way of stimulating the body’s own healing capabilities. Effects include raising body temperature (to fight off bacteria and viruses), increasing circulation (ensuring effective lymph flow), decreasing congestion, increasing metabolism, and increasing elimination.
  8. Castor Oil – Use the oil while massaging your child’s tummy if constipated, or in case of tummy aches. Can also apply the oil to sore joints or any area of inflammation. Caution: do not apply to broken areas of skin, and do not ingest.

Castor oil pack direction: soak a piece of flannel in castor oil. Apply to area. Cover that with a piece of saran wrap and then apply a hot water bottle. Leave on for 20 minutes. Warning: castor oil will stain fabrics and upholstery.

That’s a pretty good start, and having this stuff on hand will help you and your child recover from most falls or clumsy moments. There are additional things that could be added, but that’s why you are going to go see a Naturopath 😉

Writing this ends my Wednesday (at 5:30 pm). Now my day really begins as I kick it into high gear and pick up the wee ones. Uuuuuuggggghhhhhhh – bath night.

Happy mid-October everyone! Halloween is almost here (and in case you don’t remember/know, I loathe Halloween…dammit).

Dr. D