admin/ September 30, 2015/ Dr. Danielle

Yes, that’s right, first blog entry ever. My good friend (and graphic designer/marketer/computer genius extraordinaire) Sharyn has been after me for months, dare I say years to starting blogging. And so here it is…..

After much thought and debate over what to even write in my first blog, I have decided to start simple and talk about why I chose to pursue naturopathic medicine. And as much as I’d love to say that it was my true calling and that I just naturally found myself doing this, that’s not true. Growing up, I had always been astounded by the human body. The concept of a basic cell and all of it’s tiny microprocesses never ceased to amaze me. The fact that billions of these cells made up a functioning human body kept me awake at night in awe. And not only did these cells make up a multi-systemic functioning body, it also created an emotional being that could think, feel, imagine, create. So of course, I always thought I would be a medical doctor. It made sense to me.

What didn’t make sense to me was how I could continue my passion for the human body by spending no more than 7 minutes with a patient. Could I really get a sense of how their body was not functioning properly in 7 minutes? Could I be of more help to them than just writing a prescription? What about how they are feeling about the illness? Would I have time to ask them about that? In 7 minutes, could I get a feel for how their different systems were interacting with each other?? Would I be able to get to the root cause of their illness in such a short time? The obvious answer was no. So I scrapped the idea of becoming a G.P.

My next brilliant idea was maybe I would be happier in emergency medicine, where adrenaline would be pumping, I’d see lots of blood and guts, and it would be hands on, all the time. Where injuries are acute in nature, and for the most part, cause of illness would be quickly found. But that came to an abrupt halt (almost overnight) when I realized that my human interaction with the patient would be limited. I may never engage in any conversation with emergency patients. So nope, that wasn’t going to work. It wasn’t until my second year of university that I was even introduced to naturopathic medicine.

A good friend of mine had family ties to the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and her aunt was also a well known naturopath in Toronto. The minute I read the foundations of naturopathy, I knew this was it. This was where I would get to feed my passion of the human body, assess every system, make sense of the illness, talk with my patient at length, and of course, to co-operate with the healing power of nature. So 2 more years of undergrad, 4 years of medical school, 2 board exams and 2 kids later, I was a naturopathic doctor. And I am loving it. Every day I go to work is a blessing (also a vacation from my 3 very busy, but adorable children). I love the time spent with each patient, I love the new challenge each patient brings, I love seeing them heal themselves.

This is it. Best job in the world!

So if you managed to stick through my first blog entry, I thank you for taking the time! I am planning on updating this once a week so here’s hoping you come back!

Dr. D.