Danielle Marchildon/ November 18, 2015/ Dr. Danielle

If you build it, they will come….and they are – phew!!! After months of talking, and dreaming, and preparing, and worrying, and stressing, we did it. We opened up our own clinic. And it’s awesome. And fun. Now we are laughing, and smiling, and dancing (despite the fact that some of us shouldn’t dance-at least in front of other people). WE DID IT! It’s called Collective Health Clinic.

Our team assembled itself – there’s myself (Naturopathic Doctor), and three other people I am proud to call my friends and colleagues: Peter Foster (Osteopath), Melanie Grime (Nutritionist), and Vanessa Breadner (RMT). We all share the same vision for our clinic and thrive in our team-based environment. And then there’s our location….ooooohhhhhh llllaaaawwwwddddd our location. We are literally sitting on the border of Orangeville and Mono (if any of you were familiar with Dr. Cole (RIP), we are based out of his old office), on hwy 10. We are surrounded by greenery, and serenity. We are practicing on a land that is known for its healing properties, and many patients have already commented on how wonderful the feel is here. To come to work, to this setting every day, is a true blessing.

What sets us apart? Our ability to be integrative; our ability to work within a clinical setting while building empathy towards all of our patients; our knowledge base – between the four of us, we’ve almost got you covered (more on that later). And we are happy. All of us. Beaming from ear to ear. All the time.

Peter continues to work his magic, destroying pain when it’s there and increasing mobility and quality of life for his patients. Melanie is busy working with the wonderful people of our town on changing their dietary habits. She’s amazing because she meets you where you are at, and just when you think you can’t, she jumps in and shows you that you CAN. And Vanessa has hit the ground RUNNING! She goes over and above and has exceeded everyone’s expectations thus far. So if you’re looking to try someone new, to see what she has to offer, she comes highly recommended!

As for me, I wake up excited to go to work every morning. I love what I do. I love exploring and explaining health and/or disease to each patient. I love helping patients find their new normal; to see them improve and see what life can be like without illness is so incredible. And while I’m not practicing, I’m sitting at the bottom of a very steep learning curve on how to run a business – yikes! But we’re getting there. Slowly but surely, we’ll get there.

Now, more on that “almost got you covered” part….we are missing one important modality. And that is counseling or talk therapy. But no worries, we have an MSW (and by all means, this woman really is a MASTER of Social Work), joining us in the new year. More details on that to come.

On a personal note, life goes on for me. Lots of changes have happened in this past year. My one constant is my litter of 4 little humans. They are astounding, in every way. Like, even when my 2 year old throws out F-bombs, I can’t help but feel the deepest love for her. Or when my 5 year old repeatedly lectures me about not needing to brush her teeth in the morning because she already did it in her dreams – all I feel is love. My babies, they are growing so fast (yes, pregnant ladies, it’s true). But I’m growing with them too. And that’s a good feeling.

My favourite author of all time: JD Salinger. He was referenced in the movie “Field of Dreams”. Where we built it, they have come. Call it ill-logic, but I am where I am supposed to be.

T’is the season y’all.

Dr. D